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Describe a typical work week.

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    - Questions about your past ways of acting or behaving


    - Questions about what you have done in past jobs

  1. Show organization and focus. "First thing on Monday morning I review all emails and voicemails. I then update, review and prioritize my project list around known meetings to maximize time throughout the week." - by Staff
  2. Every morning I review the 3 top priority tasks that I had assigned for the day (I setup tasks for a day on the day prior). If these are still the top priorities tasks for the day, I pick the one that I want to do the least and try to knock it out first thing in the morning before any meetings or the distractions start. This helps me get over the biggest obstacle of the day and sets the mood of accomplishment for the rest of the day. - by Staff

  1. You are expected to discuss your past experience in detail, but you should focus most of your talk on the aspects of your old job that are directly related to the new position. - by Staff
  2. Remember to never talk ill of anyone. - by Staff
  3. Never mention non-work related activities you do on company time. - by Staff

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