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How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?

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    - Questions about what you have done in past jobs

Problem Solving

    - Questions that require critical thinking or example problems to solve

Requires Practice

    - Questions which require you to put a lot of preparation and practice into before the interview or you are sure to give a less than flattering answer.

Tough Interview Questions

    - These questions are either easy to give the wrong answer or the most obvious answer is the wrong answer.

  1. I have proven and I am very willing to quickly learn and leverage any new skills and techniques required to meet and exceed expectations of me. - by Staff
  2. I strive to meet all expectation place on me. I am a hard worker and willing to work additional hours learning all required skills. - by Staff
  3. I am more motivated than the average employee. I will assure you that I'll pick up all required skills and will be running at full speed in record time. Don't even consider it an issue. - by Staff

  1. If you have experience that the interviewer is unaware of state those at this time. - by Staff
  2. State that you are eager to learn the required skills and that you are a fast learner. - by Staff

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