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What are the most difficult decisions to make?

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    - Questions about your past ways of acting or behaving


    - Questions about your point of view or interpretations

Requires Practice

    - Questions which require you to put a lot of preparation and practice into before the interview or you are sure to give a less than flattering answer.

  1. It was difficult when Jane left without notice, but we took a look at her workload and figure out how to distribute it across the department until a suitable replacement was found. - by Staff
  2. It was difficult when I had to let John go, but after discussion the situation with him, he saw that it was for the best for both parties that we ended the relationship where it was. - by Staff

  1. Normally there isn't any right or wrong answer to this question. Unless you state that a difficult decision is a particular decision that you will be expected to make in the new job regularly. - by Staff
  2. Always keep your answers positive. - by Staff
  3. Be as specific as possible. - by Staff
  4. If possible, list all steps taken and how each was executed to solve the difficult situation. - by Staff

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