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What are you passionate about?

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    - Questions about your past ways of acting or behaving


    - Questions about your point of view or interpretations

Self Evaluation

    - Questions to evaluate or critique yourself

  1. I really love to help others. When I was smaller I would help my dad with anything he was doing outside. Today that has grown into my desire to assist business in finding the best solution for the business problems they are facing. - by Staff
  2. I am passionate about exercising. I have found that it is a great stress release as well as helps me keep in shape. I try to do it several times a week and more on weekends. - by Staff
  3. I am passionate about making a difference in anything I do. At work, I will do my very best in order to achieve success. - by Staff
  4. I am passionate about anything I choose to do with my time. Life is too short and too precious to not take pride in what you do and do it to the best of your ability. This goes my work and play. - by Staff

  1. This is one of a few times you are allowed to give a personal answer, but always beware when answering personally. You can easily give too much information or share things which could be misinterpreted. - by Staff
  2. If you share something personal, make sure that it isn't something that could invade into your work or longevity with the company. Example: I love traveling, I plan to go live in Italy for 6 months next year. - by Staff

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