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What was your biggest accomplishment and failure in your past job?

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    - Questions about what you have done in past jobs


    - Questions about you and your situation


    - Questions that have a history of tripping of most applicants

Requires Practice

    - Questions which require you to put a lot of preparation and practice into before the interview or you are sure to give a less than flattering answer.

  1. I was working on this project and due to some missed requirements we got behind schedule. I was able get an additional team member and we were able to deliver the project on time. - by Staff
  2. Knock on wood, but I can't claim to ever had a "big" failure to date in my career. Most would-be failures were averted before they had a chance to become failures. - by Staff

  1. You must tailor this answer to be directly related to the new position. - by Staff
  2. If you didn't fail at anything, clearly state that. If you did make sure it is minor and show how you turned it into a positive. - by Staff

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