Interview Questions for Job Seekers

General Types

Aspirations (25)

    - Questions about future goals, desires or ambitions

Assertiveness (5)

    - Questions about how do you handle yourself

Behavioral (25)

    - Questions about your past ways of acting or behaving

Creativity (1)

    - Questions to test how creative you are or have been

Education (7)

    - Questions about your formal or informal education

Experience (146)

    - Questions about what you have done in past jobs

Hypothetical (33)

    - Questions with imaginary situations and circumstances

Ice Breakers (1)

    - Questions used as interview openers to get things flowing

Interpersonal (45)

    - Questions about relationships and your interactions with others

Motivation (30)

    - Questions about what drives you to be better

Opinion (96)

    - Questions about your point of view or interpretations

Personal (113)

    - Questions about you and your situation

Personality (35)

    - Questions about how you act and react to situations

Problem Solving (36)

    - Questions that require critical thinking or example problems to solve

Self Evaluation (95)

    - Questions to evaluate or critique yourself

Skills (5)

    - Questions about your qualifications or training

Special Types

Illegal (7)

    - Question which should NOT be asked or answered

Trap (21)

    - Questions that have a history of tripping of most applicants